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Chiropractic Care for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a neurodegenerative disease that damages the central nervous system. Symptoms can vary based on the individual but often included muscle weakness, stiffness, cognitive difficulties, urinary problems, blurred vision, numbness, and tingling. Many MS patients are finding relief with chiropractic care because it is a natural fit for a patient who is looking for

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Health Benefits of Consistent, Routine Chiropractic Care

The Incredible Benefits of Consistent, Routine Chiropractic Care The first step toward healthy living is to have a healthy spine! The spine controls all of the body’s movement throughout the day – bending, twisting, reaching. It totally encapsulates the central nervous system which controls everything in the body – every organ, muscle and sensory. Consistent, habitual

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Creating a Fitness Plan for Healthier Living Through Chiropractic Care

Are you wanting to lose weight, get in better shape, look and feel better? Then chiropractic care can help you by assisting you with a Fitness Plan to achieve your goals! Would you like to: lose excess fat around your waist build muscle strengthen your bones, heart and lungs improve your balance and speed Have

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Chiropractic Care – Is It Right For Me?

What is Chiropractic Care? Chiropractic Care is a natural method of health care that focuses on the cause of a physical problem rather than treating the symptom. In short, chiropractic care focuses on having a normal functioning spine, the lifeline of the nervous system. Chiropractic Care can help: Lower back pain – Chiropractors are trained

Ohio Sports & Spine Institute Congratulates Ohio Olympians!

We here at the Ohio Sports & Spine Institute would like to take a moment to congratulate all of the 2016 Team USA Olympians who have roots from our great state of Ohio. Your dedication to your sport is inspirational to all of us and we wish you the best of luck in Rio! Congratulations

Sports Chiropractic Care an Important Part of Team USA’s Medical Division

Sports Chiropractic Care: An Important Part of Team USA’s Medical Division

The USOC’s  (United States Olympic Committee) Sports Medicine Division delivers high quality health care to our elite athletes. This medical staff consists of sports chiropractors, physical therapists and athletic trainers who all work together with the athletes so that they can achieve their highest goals. Operating in 3 different clinics in the United States (Colorado

Safe Chiropractic Care and Your Pregnancy

Safe Chiropractic Care and Your Pregnancy

If you are like most moms-to-be (and we know you are!), you are looking for the greatest benefit in delivering a healthy baby. If that comes with the added benefit of assisting you with feeling better along the way… well, that’s a plus! As you probably already know, changes can occur to your body when

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Active Release Technique (ART): A Runner’s Dream!

Probably the biggest set-back in a runner’s ability to compete is an interruption in their training schedule. Imagine being in training for your big race and losing several weeks of valuable training time due to an overuse injury. With Active Release Technique (ART), this complication in interrupted training can not only be avoided but can

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Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Sitting all day is definitely not good for our backs, but since most of us are stuck at a desk for 8 or more hours a day, it is inevitable that we feel stiff. The reason? Staying seated for long periods of time puts a lot of stress on the spine, causing fatigue and overstretching

Acupuncture Relieves Backache | Ohio Sports and Spine Institute

How Acupuncture Can Help You With Your Lower Back Pain

Enjoying your weekend golf game but suffering from lower back pain as a result? Did you overdo the yard work this weekend and are now suffering? You aren’t alone! Consider acupuncture treatment as an alternative treatment program to more traditional treatments. If you: want to continue playing golf and other sports as your means of

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