Rehabilitation and Therapy

We strive to enable each patient to achieve his or her highest functional potential.

Physical therapy plays a vital role in recovery from an injury or health condition. Physical therapists are specialists who treat musculoskeletal problems. The goal of physical therapy is to reduce your pain and restore your function. This may be applicable before surgery or may be used after surgery. Often, physical therapy is used in conjunction with medications and or Osteopathic or Chiropractic manipulative therapy.

To manage recovery from injuries, there’s no one-size-fits-all. That’s why our experienced and licensed therapists and physicians develop a customized care plan for each patient. Whether it’s rehabbing after ACL, hip or shoulder surgery, recovering from a stroke, a work injury or other issues where therapy is necessary, we can help.

“Successful therapy requires a team effort — and a team attitude — among the patient, the doctor and the therapy staff.”

– Dr. Irene Heldman, M.D.

Ohio Sports & Spine Institute

We strive to enable each patient to achieve his or her highest functional potential. Our therapy staff includes licensed therapists, including a Doctor of physical therapy, PT assistants, athletic trainers, a licensed massage therapist and a speech pathologist. Your rehab will be completed using state-of-the-art rehab equipment and a variety of low and high-tech equipment to treat pain and inflammation.

About Your Therapy Appointment


We recommend scheduling ahead as many of your prescribed number of visits as possible to reserve your preferable days and time slots. This will also allow you to schedule with a particular physical therapist, if you have a preference. If you are unable to schedule in advance, our staff will make every possible effort to accommodate your schedule, based on our availability, to provide optimal personalized care. Depending on the various services your physician and/or physical therapist prescribe, you may need to see multiple members of our staff. We will do our best to coordinate these appointments to accommodate you and minimize your wait time.

First visit: What to expect

Patients should arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time and check in at the front desk. At the conclusion of the appointment, patients should check out and our staff will schedule future visits, recommend a home exercise program and/or answer any concerns.

Patients should wear comfortable clothing, including athletic shoes similar to those worn to a gym. Bring or wear shorts, especially if your condition involves your lower extremities. For patients with back and shoulder conditions, women should wear tank tops or sports bras and men should wear T-shirts. Bring your own water.

Your initial visit will include a one-hour evaluation (approximately) to identify your health or functional problem(s), set goals and outline a specific treatment plan to achieve short and long term goals. This visit typically will also include education, some treatment and home exercises.

Typically, physical therapy programs include stretching, stabilization, balance, strengthening, endurance and cardiovascular exercises, and education about the treatments undertaken, education for posture and body mechanics (to teach you how to move your body properly to avoid future injury).

Aquatic Therapy

We offer the region’s only aquatic therapy program, using our SwimEX therapy pool.

To learn more about our aquatic therapy

Depending on the functional deficits identified by your physician and/or your physical therapist, ancillary treatments such as specific taping techniques, bracing, laser treatment, ultrasound, iontophoresis, hot or cold packs, electrical stimulation, massage, mobilization and other modalities are often used to facilitate your recovery.

About your rehabilitation

The number of physical therapy treatments will vary with the type and severity of the problem being treated. Generally, you will be given a home program to exercise during and after discharge from your physical therapy care.

The length of rehabilitation will vary depending on when therapy is initiated, the severity of symptoms and your specific goals for rehabilitation. Therapy services are often coordinated with any ongoing medical treatment prescribed by your treating physician. A typical frequency may be one to three times per week and could last for several weeks or a few months in order to maximize progress and functional outcomes.

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