Safe Chiropractic Care and Your Pregnancy

Safe Chiropractic Care and Your PregnancyIf you are like most moms-to-be (and we know you are!), you are looking for the greatest benefit in delivering a healthy baby. If that comes with the added benefit of assisting you with feeling better along the way… well, that’s a plus!

As you probably already know, changes can occur to your body when the spine becomes mis-aligned. What you might not realize is that regular chiropractic care can address this issue for you and many more. Not only is it safe to visit a chiropractor during your pregnancy, it’s also extremely beneficial.

3  issues chiropractic care can address during pregnancy:

#1 – A change in posture

During the 2nd trimester, the body shifts to make room for the growing belly and the added weight. The lower back gradually starts to curve more, and the shoulders may also move back a bit to make up for the shifting center of gravity and enlarging uterus. This all leads to a change in posture. By regularly “adjusting” the spine, pregnant women can ward off any potential problems that a change in posture can bring about.

#2 – A change in the function of the pelvis

During pregnancy, chiropractic care can re-establish the pelvic balance and alignment. A misaligned pelvis reduces the available amount of space required for the developing baby and this restriction (also known as intrauterine constraint) can significantly affect fetal outcomes if not addressed early.

#3 – Increased back curve

The female spine has the remarkable ability to be more flexible during pregnancy than a male spine. This allows for a shift in the center of gravity for the mother and reduces the burden of weight and pain on the lower back. This increased back curve is a natural process which stabilizes the body and helps to prepare the body for the birth.

Other benefits:

Sciatica: Chiropractic care can also prevent sciatica. Sciatica during pregnancy is either caused by inflammation of the lower lumbar facet joints, or by the growing baby lying heavily upon the sciatic nerve inside the pelvis. Of the two, the latter is the least problematic. Pregnancy sciatica, however, is a little more serious than simple lower back pain during pregnancy.

Controlling nausea: Particularly during the 1st trimester, digestion and liver congestion can be impaired. Chiropractors have had great success in treating this nausea with full spinal treatments and placing the patient on a liver sparing diet such as carbohydrates, no fat, fresh steamed vegetables, no sugar, no dairy products, and very small meals, eaten often.

Possible prevention of a C-section: Proper spine alignment is absolutely vital to an easier, less-complicated vaginal delivery and this means a lower chance of a cesarean section delivery. Studies have shown that 1st-time moms under chiropractic care have an average of 25% shorter labor time, while 2nd time moms under chiropractic care have an average of 31% shorter labors. Why?  When sacral misalignment is corrected by a gentle chiropractic adjustment, the baby is freed from constraint to move into the best position for birth. The proper positioning of the baby’s head during labor encourages dilation of the cervix and flow of labor hormones such as oxytocin, which brings on uterine contractions.

Virtually all chiropractors are trained to work with pregnant women but there are some in your area who specialize in prenatal care. These chiropractors will use techniques that avoid unneeded pressure on the abdomen and they will also provide you with exercises and stretches that can be done at home that are safe to use during pregnancy.

Let us help you safely during your pregnancy!


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