Spine & Orthopedic Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Commonly Treated Post-Surgical Conditions

Achilles tendon repair

Ankle arthroscopy

Carpal tunnel release

De Quervain’s release

Trigger finger or thumb release

RC repair

RC decompression/mumford 

Biceps repair

Elbow distal biceps tendon repair

Elbow lateral Epicondylectomy/repair/debridement 

Elbow ulnar nerve decompression 

Hip anterior or posterior replacement

Hip arthroscopy 

Hip labrum repair

Hip FAI arthroscopy

Post-Surgical Rehab

ACL reconstruction

PCL reconstruction

Knee meniscectomy

Knee TKA

Lumbar Discectomy/Laminectomy

Lumbar fusion

Cervical Discectomy/ Laminectomy

Cervical fusion

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