Patient of 11 Years Credits Therapy Team for Successful Recoveries from Sports Injuries

Casey Cottrell (pictured, center) credits her therapy team, Lindsay McNamara and Kalah Ragan, for her continued success as an athlete, despite many injuries along the way. Casey Cottrell understands the value of teamwork as she grew up playing sports. At the age of 13, after experiencing several injuries on the court and field, she discovered […]

Longtime Patient Relies on Therapy Before, After Knee Replacement Surgery

Recovering from a major surgery can be discouraging, says Cynthia Hallquist, but Dr. D. and her therapy team, Lindsay and Kyle, helped her to set goals and keep improving.   For Cynthia Hallquist, chiropractic care and physical therapy help her to build not only physical strength but mental strength, too. That explains why she has […]

Youngstown Artist on the Road to Recovery with Ohio Sports & Spine

Liz Testa, an artist, mother and tennis player, suffered from a sudden shoulder injury earlier this year. The active woman tried to cope with the pain until she reached her breaking point. That’s when she turned to Ohio Sports & Spine Institute and she’s glad she did. Liz, 38, suffers from calcium build-up on her […]

Active Release Technique (ART): A Runner’s Dream!

Probably the biggest set-back in a runner’s ability to compete is an interruption in their training schedule. Imagine being in training for your big race and losing several weeks of valuable training time due to an overuse injury. With Active Release Technique (ART), this complication in interrupted training can not only be avoided but can […]

Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Sitting all day is definitely not good for our backs, but since most of us are stuck at a desk for 8 or more hours a day, it is inevitable that we feel stiff. The reason? Staying seated for long periods of time puts a lot of stress on the spine, causing fatigue and overstretching […]