Pelvic Floor Therapy

The pelvic floor is the foundation of our core, the root of our pelvis, and it interconnects our upper and lower body. 

The pelvic floor is just like any other muscle in the body and needs to have full range of motion in order to function properly. To have control over urine and bowel movements, give birth and recover from labor/delivery, and be able to participate fully (and comfortably) during intercourse, you need to be able to access the pelvic floor’s full range of motion and have adequate muscle tone. 

It is NOT normal to lose control of urine or bowel movements…even after you’ve had a baby or surgical intervention.

Our specially trained pelvic floor occupational therapist can help both men and women regain control of their pelvic floor, leading them to feeling empowered once again and able to fully participate in life.

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Pelvic therapy

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