Creating a Fitness Plan for Healthier Living Through Chiropractic Care

Are you wanting to lose weight, get in better shape, look and feel better? Then chiropractic care can help you by assisting you with a Fitness Plan to achieve your goals! Would you like to:

  • lose excess fat around your waist
  • build muscle
  • strengthen your bones, heart and lungs
  • improve your balance and speed

Have a Fitness Plan!

But how can I create a Fitness Plan? Where do I start? Chiropractic Care can help you with your Fitness Plan! If you are:

  • already exercising but maybe need assistance with improving your workouts so that you get maximum benefit out of your effort, or
  • looking to start anew

We can help you so that you are on the right path!

Our Fitness Plan looks something like this:


  1. assessing posture, range of motion, lung capacity and muscle strength
  2. identifying areas of improvement and objectives considering the patient’s age and general health


  1. nutrition
  2. cardiovascular training/exercise
  3. strength
  4. psychological (meditation, breathing, etc.)
  5. create an in-home or in-office guide

Establish Goals and Time Frame

  1. set weight loss goal
  2. increase flexibility
  3. perform body composition analysis and chart food intake and exercise
  4. establish mini-goals (weekly) and long range goals (monthly)

If you are ready for your FREE analysis, call us today so that we can help you to lose weight, get in better shape and look and feel better!

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