Movement at Home Series: Exercises for Sciatica Pain

Sciatica refers to pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower back through your hips and buttocks and down each leg, and can also be in just one leg. Here are two movements that can help strengthen the muscles that are important for stability and strength, such as […]

Stay Safe, Stay Moving: Movements You Can Do at Home

While we remain open and continue to treat patients at all three of our clinics, we understand many are hesitant to leave their homes at this time. We fully support the decisions of our patients, and their health is our number one priority. Therefore, we’re sharing some movements and stretches that are safe to do […]

Movement at Home Series: Planks for Aches, Pains, Tension in Neck, Back

Planks are great for strengthening your back, chest, shoulders, neck and core. They are helpful with improving your posture. You can do a plank at the top of a push-up position with your hands and feet on the ground, focusing on keeping a tight core and not arching your back. You can also do a […]

10 Reasons You Need to Drink More Water

Dehydration Symptoms & Ways to Hydrate By Jennifer Kalinsky, PTA, BS, ACSM EP-C Has anyone ever told you that you need to drink more water? Well, has anyone ever told you what happens when you don’t drink water? We all know that our bodies are made up of water and we wouldn’t survive without it. […]

Creating a Fitness Plan for Healthier Living Through Chiropractic Care

Are you wanting to lose weight, get in better shape, look and feel better? Then chiropractic care can help you by assisting you with a Fitness Plan to achieve your goals! Would you like to: lose excess fat around your waist build muscle strengthen your bones, heart and lungs improve your balance and speed Have […]

Active Release Technique (ART): A Runner’s Dream!

Probably the biggest set-back in a runner’s ability to compete is an interruption in their training schedule. Imagine being in training for your big race and losing several weeks of valuable training time due to an overuse injury. With Active Release Technique (ART), this complication in interrupted training can not only be avoided but can […]

Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Sitting all day is definitely not good for our backs, but since most of us are stuck at a desk for 8 or more hours a day, it is inevitable that we feel stiff. The reason? Staying seated for long periods of time puts a lot of stress on the spine, causing fatigue and overstretching […]