Ohio Sports & Spine Celebrates National Physical Therapy Month with WFMJ

BOARDMAN, Ohio (October 17, 2019) – October marks National Physical Therapy Month and the physicians, therapy team and staff at Ohio Sports & Spine Institute are raising awareness of the powerful benefits of physical therapy for injuries, medical conditions, post-operative care and more.

Channel 21 WFMJ’s Andrew DiPaolo joined Dr. Andrew Hospodar, physical therapists Stephanie Porter, Eddie Palestro and Kyle Banna, as well as physical therapy assistants Lindsay McNamara, Derek Brendlinger, Jen Kalinsky and Heather McSuley at the group’s Boardman location. Watch the videos at WFMJ Today by searching for “Ohio Sports and Spine.

WFMJ’s Andrew DiPaolo speaks with Dr. Andrew Hospodar of Ohio Sports & Spine Institute about different treatment methods and services.

“We focus a lot on functional movement, so we look for the cause of the pain and treat above and below the pain, not just the symptom area,” said Dr. Andrew Hospodar of Ohio Sports & Spine. “Our therapy team is trained in giving functional movement assessments to evaluate what’s causing the pain and we address that, too. For instance, pain in the knee can be caused from a weak hip or loss of ankle mobility.”

Physical therapists Stephanie Porter, Eddie Palestro and Kyle Banna, further discussed the functional movement assessments and explained how they use equipment such as the Motion Guidance Biofeedback System to provide a reference point for patients to focus on correct movement patterns.

“The Motion Guidance Biofeedback System keeps everyone in good alignment when they’re doing movements and if they aren’t keeping the correct form, a laser tells shifts away from their target point to let them know,” said physical therapist Stephanie Porter.

“First, we look at the dysfunction and then we use the biofeedback system to train the movement patterns to prevent injuries,” Kyle added. “It enables you to retrain your muscles and allow your body to learn proper movement patterns.”

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