Therapists Discuss Common Conditions, Treatment for Challenges During COVID-19 on WFMJ

October is National Physical Therapy Month and Ohio Sports & Spine Institute’s therapy team is encouraging Mahoning Valley residents with chronic pain and other long-lasting health conditions, as well as those with aches and pains enhanced during the pandemic, to capitalize on the many benefits of physical therapy.

WFMJ’s Andrew DiPaolo joins therapists at Ohio Sports’ Boardman clinic to discuss common conditions they have been seeing in patients since the start of the pandemic and ways to alleviate the aches and pain.

They also discuss how massotherapy provides physical and mental benefits, especially during the pandemic.

Finally, they walk through what to expect from an initial evaluation with a physical therapist.

Check out the three WFMJ interview segments here.

Therapists demonstrate what good posture looks like while working from home in a sitting and standing position, which can combat “tech neck” or aches and pains in the neck and back that result from poor posture. Click here to watch the segment.
Physical Therapist Stephanie Porter discusses the physical and mental benefits of massotherapy while Massotherapist Kevin Johnson demonstrates techniques that relieve pressure, including targeting trigger points in the hands and fingers, which can help prevent carpal tunnel. Click here to watch the segment.
Dr. Andrew Hospodar (right) walks through what to expect from an initial evaluation with a physical therapist while the therapy team demonstrates parts of an assessment. Click here to watch the segment.
WFMJ went back to the office with neck and lumbar support rolls to ensure proper posture!
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