Ohio Sports & Spine Responds to Growing Need for Pelvic Floor Rehab for Men and Women

Ohio Sports & Spine is adding pelvic floor rehabilitation to its areas of expertise, led by Paige Genova, certified occupational therapist who specializes in pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Ohio Sports & Spine Institute is expanding its services to include pelvic floor rehabilitation at its three offices in Boardman, Howland and East Liverpool.

The regional medical practice and rehabilitation center is also pleased to announce the addition of Paige Genova, certified occupational therapist and pelvic floor specialist, to lead this new practice area.

“There’s been a major lack of awareness of pelvic floor dysfunction and the beneficial role pelvic floor rehabilitation can have on both men and women, including expectant mothers,” said Stephanie Porter, head physical therapist at Ohio Sports & Spine’s Boardman office.

“We’re seeing a higher demand for pelvic floor services, and we’re pleased to be in a position to serve this need. There aren’t a lot of therapists in this region who are certified to provide this service. Both men and women are realizing they have options when it comes to treatment of bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction.”

The pelvic floor is a set of muscles, similar to a hammock or sling, that supports your bladder, bowel, rectum and uterus.

Women and men can experience pelvic pain and other conditions if they lose a full range of motion of their pelvic floor muscles. Women who experience urinary problems or other issues after childbirth often believe they’re “normal” and don’t realize they can be addressed through pelvic floor therapy before and after delivery, Genova said.

“Pain and other symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction are often overlooked, underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed,” Genova said.  “So many individuals just live with these conditions under the impression that there’s nothing they can do about them, which could also be because their healthcare providers are often unaware of pelvic floor dysfunction. However, more and more women are advocating for themselves now, seeking out answers and asking more questions, understanding that they now have options and they can play an active role with their medical team.

“The reason for the lack of understanding of pelvic floor dysfunction has been three-fold,” said Paige. “There has been a lack of awareness among both individuals and their primary healthcare providers, as well as limited access to the pelvic floor specialty in this area.

“We’re looking to help continue to drive that awareness and educate people on ways to establish pelvic floor control, leading them to feeling empowered and able to fully participate in life again.”

Pelvic floor rehabilitation can help with pelvic and back pain, weak core musculature, leaking urine or bowel movements, labor/delivery preparation, postpartum recovery, urgent or frequent urination, painful intercourse, diastasis recti and pelvic organ prolapse. It can also improve surgical outcomes pre-prostatectomy and assist in recovery for post-surgical intervention, trauma or radiation therapy to the pelvic region.

“We are excited about adding Paige to our team and expanding our areas of expertise with her background and experience in pelvic floor rehab,” said Stephanie. “She offers a wealth of knowledge in this area and she’ll be a great asset to our practice.”

Paige is now accepting new patients. New and current patients can call (330) 758-9400 to schedule an appointment.

More information about Ohio Sports & Spine Institute, including more on pelvic floor therapy, can be found at the practice’s website.

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